Join Us

The Schulz Lab is always interested to hear from talented scientists at all levels of experience about joining our group. We can offer:

  • Training in advanced molecular biology techniques, including single-cell quantitative PCR.
  • Training in electrophysiology, including sharp electrode intracellular recording and two-electrode voltage clamp.
  • Multiple perspectives on neuroscience and the function of neural networks: from the sub-cellular to evolutionary.

Graduate Students and Post-Docs

Graduate students and post-docs are the lifeblood of any research operation. If you have an interest in training in the areas of molecular neuroscience and electrophysiology, please contact Dr. Schulz.

In the Schulz lab, we’re keenly aware of the fact that grad students and post-doc are people with lives. If you are looking for cutting edge training, reasonable cost-of-living, and a friendly environment (for you and your family), then you should get in touch with us. Right now.

Undergraduate Research

Another source of scientifc discovery is the work of talented undergaduates in the lab. While there is limited capacity in the lab, we strongly encourage you to contact us to determine whether there may be room for you.